Involvement & Empowerment

Lift aims to empower people via training and support to become actively involved with their communities, helping to shape deliver and evaluate services.

Lift provides:

  • Training
  • Peer research and evaluation
  • Development and support of Service User Involvement projects
  • Community development

We work for service providers, local authorities, housing associations, statutory bodies and voluntary organisations. Our services involve service users in their design and delivery, and are flexible to suit your needs and budget, from complete project design and management to targeted consulting.

Why choose us?

  • Innovative, imaginative and flexible services that are highly regarded by commissioners and service users
  • Service users are involved in the design and delivery of our projects as peer consultants, training co-facilitators and peer educators
  • Value for money from competitive rates
  • Surpluses generated from our work are used for the benefit of vulnerable people and ensure the most effective outcomes for service users and commissioners
  • We add value by creating employment and self-development opportunities for disadvantaged people